Our mission is to contribute to the development and support of the Companies operating in all metalworking areas, with the guarantee of a high technological content and customized service: this is the starting point of our proposal that is constantly evolving, as are the needs of our customers.


Our staff proposes itself to be the translator and the interpreter of the customers needs to the manufacturers, in order to develop efficient solutions and better product performance in the machining. This result is due to a careful attention and collaboration with the users and thanks to the trust given by the suppliers. We want that our commercial success comes from the technical excellence of our proposal, because the greatest satisfaction is the sharing of good results: the success in a difficult work, the ease of use, an precise finish and the security for our client of the success of his work.
Our technicians are looking forward to transmit what has been experimented in the creation of our products through evaluations and analysis on materials and technologies, with the final purpose of training and inspiring the future operators to face the challenges that the technological progress offers more quickly.



From many years we live in the world of the chip removal in the role of high quality technical suppliers and we offer effective solutions to develop the productivity of the machines.



The daily duty of our Company is the research of high profile technical solutions; we offer coaching and training as benefit of the sales. This the affirming EVO® identity.



We are an expert, proven and proactive partner in the supplies of solid carbide tools, tools with interchangeable inserts, clamping systems, circular saw blades and oils of the latest technology. Our Company is also the technical and commercial representative for the Italian market of REIME NORIS, a brand with more than one hundred years of history, globally recognized as synonymous of performance in the threading technology.

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The EVO® range of precision tools has born from the research and development of innovative solutions to perform every machining on various materials. A line of clamping tools completes our offer and make the user achieve the best performance from the tools.

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Range of oils, fluids and protectors aimed at identifying the formulations able to guarantee maximum performance.

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