The vocation of EVO INTERNATIONAL GROUP is to propose the sale of tools as a technical solution, customized according to customer needs. We start from the analysis of the critical operations or the request for improvement of production results to propose tools and lubricants able to solve difficulties, to deal with difficult materials or simply to get better performance in the machining. The key of the process is the training of the operator, which EVO offers with the sale, which significantly improves the quality of the final result and the use of tools. The third reason for standing out from other businesses is the presence of a R&D area within the company which, starting from the tests and thanks to the constant dialogue with our interlocutors in the Companies, has developed a series of EVO product lines in collaboration with external producers.


Tools are the core business and the heart itself of our Company. The passion and the research of the EVO team are oriented to provide customers with a complete range of tools for machine equipment: drills, end-mills and reamers, indexable inserts tools, spindles and clamping systems, blades. We develop the geometries and directly test the materials and coatings to achieve ambitious goals in terms of quality and results.


We believe that the oil is the essential complement to improve the performance of the tools, to increase their durability and to protect the machinery: for this reason, the products EVO offer formulations studied and tested in our laboratory, constantly evolving to meet the technical needs and minimize the impact on the environment.


The EVO automatic warehouse guarantees a streamlined and intelligent management of tools and spare parts inventories: the system (which can coordinate up to 10 machines containing up to 864 references each) allows a constant dialogue between the warehouse and the purchasing office, providing availability and demand data, movement statistics and stock alerts.


EVO develops and sells tools, but not only: our tecnical department offers assistance and specific training, a coaching at the machinery that allows not only to get the best from our tools, but also to create a special collaborative and reliable relationship and a constant flow of information, essential to better answer to the Customer’s needs.


The EVO technical office studies and analyzes the mechanical machinings, using specific CAD and CAM systems. This consulting service is intended to find the optimal solutions and paths for the tools and is essential to obtain excellent results even on difficult and complex operations.


The project department of the EVO technical area was created because of a big request of solutions to expand the already remarkable range of services. It offers advice and support for studies, projects and construction of equipment with various types of clamping for machining on CNC machines. This activity supports and completes the offer of services for the most demanding customers.